Acupuncture For Carpal Tunnel Actually Works

Acupuncture is proven to relieve back pain yet it is highly overlooked to relieve pain in the hands and wrists. Acupuncture for carpal tunnel is just as effective for your hands as it is for the rest of your body. Consider this method as a way of healing your fingers, palm, and wrist. Your hands are an essential part of your life so it is wise to heal them as soon as you start to feel carpal tunnel or any other related pain.

How does acupuncture help with carpal tunnel? There are actually a variety of ways acupuncture can help someone with carpal tunnel. When you get this treatment you help open up pathways in your body and hands. These pathways could be blocked and the cause of your pain. Needles are put into certain pressure points on your hand and tap into your nervous system. When you allow your entire body to undergo acupuncture you can help balance out your nervous system, which can reduce stress and make your body feel natural again.

Before you try acupuncture let your hands rest for a couple of weeks. Try your best to avoid using your hands unless necessary. Let your hands rest during this time so they are ready to be poked. Schedule an appointment for acupuncture but not just for your hands. Get full body acupuncture to allow your body to release as much pressure. You should feel a change in both your hands and mood when you decide to get full body acupuncture.

Schedule acupuncture appointments about once every month. Acupuncture for carpal tunnel may not work after your first session. You most likely have a lot of built up tension in your body and hands so it is going to require a few sessions before you heal properly. Even after you start to notice results or feel fine it is recommended to get acupuncture for your hands every so often. Heal your hands and keep them healthy so that you do not have to experience carpal tunnel again.

Acupuncture alone cannot heal your hands fully. It is up to you to protect your hands from harm. Stay away from physical activity that can contribute to carpal tunnel. Activities such as typing on the computer, playing video games, carpenter work, gardening, or other hand intensive work can all make your carpal tunnel worse. Acupuncture for carpal tunnel can work but it cannot heal your hands properly if you constantly abuse them.

Acupuncture is a good natural method that can heal your hands. Laser acupuncture is also available and may be something that you want to do if you do not notice results from acupuncture after a few months. In addition to acupuncture add vitamin B6 and a Bromelain supplement to your diet. These have shown to help decrease the symptoms of carpal tunnel and can help you throughout the healing process. Get rid of carpal tunnel so that you can focus on enjoying life without having to worry about the pain of your hands.